Vape vs. Hookah

Vape and hookah are two popular modern directions in the smoking field. Two cultures that have so much in common, and also demonstrate numerous differences. Vaping is something more young and recent, and hookah is a kind of common thing, which does not cause any special troubles, but has firmly occupied its niche the popularity of which holds very confidently. In that way, it is necessary to take a closer look at these two smoking devices, their differences, and similarities.


Differences and Similarities

Vape in its present form is a product of the evolution of electronic cigarettes, which were initially positioned as a less harmful alternative to the conventional cigarettes, and as one of the ways to quit smoking. Over time, there began to appear the devices with more powerful heaters, which produced more steam. As a result, there appeared the gadget in the current form: the evaporator, the battery, and the tank for vape liquid.

Currently, vape is more a trend than a method to stop smoking, although almost all its adherents are giving up tobacco. It turned out that with the appearance of vapes, vaping became a very fashionable youth culture: it became fashionable to walk down the street and let out a cloud of steam, make huge clouds and circles, and to make the most powerful device that would be not similar to the others with your own hands.

The hookah culture is older and in the background of the vaping, it looks more calm and more conservative. It gathered around itself a circle of admirers and does not aspire to exert more influence on fashion trends. It does not fade, still develops, and does not lose its popularity, but it no longer causes that excitement as it was causing previously.

Vape and hookah are almost the same things. The fundamental difference between a vape and cigarettes is the absence of the combustion process of tobacco. In the hookah, the burning of tobacco is also absent and the liquid contained in the tobacco evaporates. Liquid from tobacco, mixed with glycerin and flavorings, evaporates under the influence of temperature, filtered through water, and only then reaches the smoker.

The main harm from a hookah is nicotine. Studies that examined how much nicotine the average hookah smoker receives state that smoking a hookah for one hour by one person is about the same as smoking one cigarette. At the same time, it is easy to avoid the negative influence of nicotine in vaping, as there is a wide choice of liquids without nicotine. In that way, it is possible to state that vape is healthier than the hookah.

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