What Determines the Amount of Steam from Vape?

In recent years, electronic cigarettes have ceased to be simply a tobacco substitution. Vaping has become a whole separate subculture, whose adherents enjoy original tastes, good smell, and ample smoke. Unfortunately, not every average electronic cigarette provides for rich vaporization. On top of that, it is necessary to follow some rules to enjoy thick and abundant smoke from a vape. Let us get all this straightened out.

Reasons of Poor Vaporization

There are several reasons that determine why an electronic cigarette generates less smoke.

  • A discharged battery – If the battery of the device is only ten percent, there is a decrease in the amount of steam due to a lack of voltage in the spiral. In this case, you need to charge the battery full.
  • Incorrect taking a puff – Vaping differs from smoking an ordinary cigarette. For a sufficient amount of steam, it is necessary to take longer poofs, making a pause before each puff. This is necessary to ensure that the liquid that enters the spiral has time to evaporate. If the puffs are short or double, you get an overabundance of liquid in the atomizer.
  • Clogging of the atomizer – This happens due to an overabundance of liquid, which has a poor effect on the operation of the atomizer. It will be enough to purge it, thereby eliminating the excess. Therefore, it is necessary for the atomizer to contain a small amount of liquid. After blowing through the atomizer, you need to take one or two puffs without pressing the button, to let out the vapour that is already collected there.

How to Make More Steam in an Electronic Cigarette?

There are several ways to make more smoke in an electronic cigarette. Firstly, it is necessary to develop your own smoking technique. Of course, it comes with practice. However, we strongly recommend you to consider the above mentioned rules of vaping. The development of this technique should be performed on a working electronic cigarette with a refilled cartridge.

Secondly, use more glycerin. It is often used to increase the amount of steam in a vape. This substance is added to the liquid for an electronic cigarette. It is enough to add just a few drops of glycerin to the juice to significantly increase the amount of steam. You can buy glycerin in both a simple pharmacy and specialized stores selling electronic cigarettes. As a general rule, the cost of this substance is less in the pharmacy, but make sure to choose glycerin that is suitable for food use. If you are searching for vegetable glycerin in the pharmacy, it can be found in the department with cough syrups.

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